Under the scorching desert sun

Where to start exploring the amazing capital of Egypt?

On the shores of the mighty Nile lies the beautiful and ancient city of Cairo. The incredible colorful life of the Egyptians will leave a bright mark in the soul of every tourist, and the ancient pyramids will make you feel tiny in front of their greatness. About how much and what it costs, where to go and what to do in Cairo,
In Cairo, there is a national currency - the Egyptian pound, in which the calculation is made. As of August 21, 2019, the Egyptian pound to the Ukrainian hryvnia is 1 pound = 1.47 UAH.


You can get to the capital of Egypt by plane. You will have to pay for a one-way ticket from UAH 4,200, although some airlines offer cheaper flights (especially during the off-season).


Upon arrival in Cairo, you can rent a bed in a hostel (from 220 hryvnia per day) or a hotel room (from 850 UAH / per standard for one).


In Cairo, you can have a very satisfying and tasty dinner for two (3 dishes each) from 530 UAH. Also do not exclude the option of self-cooking. Products for this will not hit the budget. For example, a liter of milk costs 20.5 UAH, eggs - 29.6 UAH, chicken breast - 105.3 UAH / kg, potatoes - 7.9 UAH, apples - 36.1 UAH / kg.


Giza Pyramids
Not far from Cairo on the plateau of the same name there is a whole complex of pyramids that were built around the 25th-23rd centuries BC. Archaeologists, in addition to the discovery of the world famous Pyramid of Cheops (it is part of the pyramids of Giza), unearthed a whole complex of ancient buildings, of which there are 32 objects. All of them are incredibly great value not only for Egypt, but also for the whole world. That is why they are all on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Cairo has many guides and guides who will conduct an extensive tour. Its approximate cost is from $ 50 and above. And another thing: do not think that such a grandiose construction of the ancient Egyptians will be able to see in an hour. Set aside this all day.


Another object of the complex on the Giza plateau is the large ancient Sphinx. This is a huge statue, which was carved from a limestone monolithic rock in the form of a lion and shaped the face of the then reigning pharaoh Chephren (his pyramid is located in the immediate vicinity of the statue). The dimensions of the sphinx are impressive: length - 72 meters, height - 20 meters. It faces the rising of the sun and it’s not just like that. The ancient Egyptians believed that in this way the mighty sphinx would protect the peace of the pharaohs buried in the pyramids.
Cairo knows how to surprise. Unusual European tourists atmosphere captivates and inspires. A visit to ancient artifacts simply excites the imagination. But this is precisely what will be able to leave such a mark in the soul that will make you return to Cairo again and again.
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