Istanbul in one or two days
Of course, more time is needed. At least 3-4 days. Some free time, it doesn’t matter. Properly prioritized and enjoyable Istanbul - guaranteed! One day is enough in this city.
To get started, learn more about Istanbul and read about the main attractions of the city. See also what delicious is worth a try in Turkey.
It is better to book hotels in Sultanahmet (the old city of Istanbul), or in the Galata region (Karakoy). It is still better to choose a hotel with a restaurant terrace in Istanbul. Check out our selection of 22 hotels in Bamboo.

Istanbul in one day

In Istanbul, a battle was fought closer to sunset in the Galata district.
Bosphorus View Breakfast
A traditional Turkish breakfast with stunning views of the Bosphorus is the best start to the day in Istanbul. If breakfast is not served in your room, go to the nearest cafe and order kahalti (Turkish breakfast), more details here).

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace. It is ideal to be here by 9 o’clock in the morning (to avoid crowds) and immediately go to the harem area. Turkish sesame bun, which will be an excellent snack on a spontaneous picnic or in a shop in the Topkapi Garden. To spend time, you need to spend half a day, so if you are limited in time.
Practical information (cost, schedule) can be found on the official website of Topkapi Palace
Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern and Blue Mosque
The majestic Byzantine temple of Aya Sofia converted by the Ottomans into a mosque is located opposite the Blue Mosque - a beautiful symbol of Ottoman Istanbul, you just need to go through a blossoming alley with fountains. The Basilica Cistern is an underground reservoir of Constantinople, located just behind Sofia. Sofia and the Blue Mosque must be visited. Basilica Cistern - a place for an amateur)
The cost and schedule can be found on the official website of the museum Hagia Sofia

Lunch or snack in Sultanahmet

You will be very tired and wildly hungry. Therefore, plan an hour for delicious Turkish food and relaxation. Turkish pizza options are a very quick snack for those who are not going to stay too long for food. Sultanahmet is a great way to cheer up)

Galatsky bridge and Galata

On the road from Sultanahmet to the Galata bridge, stop at the base of spices to buy spices and sweets. If you want to have time, and strength rose to the Galata bridge, watch the fish, watch the sunset.
It is ideal to spend the evening in Karakoi - the area located immediately behind the Galata Bridge. There are plenty of inexpensive restaurants, food courts, cafes, bars and stalls with rice stuffed mussels.

Second day in Istanbul

If you have two days in Istanbul, then you can climb the second day, for example, to the Galata Tower. In any case, the second day in Istanbul should be devoted to the Bosphorus, shopping and hammam.

Bosphorus Cruise

Start the day with a 1.5 hour Bosphorus cruise. After the cruise, take a walk under the Galata bridge and buy the famous Istanbul-Baltic sandwich Ekmek - fish sandwich. Very funny authentic experience plus a great snack.

Sulaymaniye Mosque and the Grand Bazaar

Sulejmaniye, where the famous Roksolana Hurem and her beloved Sultan the Magnificent are buried. Very nice and atmospheric place.

Spend an hour or two at the Grand Bazaar.

Here, in principle, you can find anything you want. You can just take a walk looking at different Turkish products. You can also have a tasty kebab meal in one of the small family restaurants in the area.

Chamberlitas and dinner in Kumkapi

The second half of the day was devoted to the original Turkish experience - a steam room in the Chamberlitash hamam. Here, each visitor hid well and looked like everyone else.
Not far from Chamberlitash is the Kumkapi district (where you can have a very colorful dinner. After dinner, climb to the terrace of your hotel with a bottle of wine or enjoy the views of Istanbul at night.


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