Fishing in Israel – Hunting .. a Tuna!

Yes, it is real hunting, and not just  ‘fishing.’ As those who stand out to sea to get this mighty azure blue fish, should know that the enemy is strong and clever, and it should not be underestimated.

So, blue, or Bluefin tuna.  International Game Fish Association (IGFA) classifies it as the strongest trophy fish in the sea fishing in a Big Game class. And it is no surprise, as the nature has granted a Bluefin tuna with the whole range of athletic characteristics: an impressive size (3-6 m) and a massive weight (from 400 to 800 kg), with a powerful musculature making 75 percent of it.

Bluefin tuna catch in Israel. Fly fishing tuna in Israel

Besides, only Bluefin tuna possesses characteristics unique for a fish. Its diamond-shaped body is perfectly ‘designed’ for constant motion. Tuna lives in a “non stop” mode, it is a real ‘perpetual mobile’. Therefore, when the tuna fish ‘slows down’ it  becomes  difficult for  it to breathe, and willy-nilly it has to constantly cruise, making seasonal migration along the coasts of America and Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the Mediterranean and the Far East Region, i.e. in the thermal range between 5 to 30 degrees Celsius.

How can tuna fish avoid ‘feeling cold’ in the cold seas? Here is another of its unique features: we cannot use the expression ‘a cold-blooded fish’ in connection with the tuna as it is warm-blooded! It has such a system of blood vessels that it supplies blood to the lateral musculature (and it is the lateral musculature that makes most of the work in the process of swimming). The energy, which the tuna produces because of this is so great that it raises the temperature of its blood by about ten degrees as compared to the surrounding water. Moreover, because of such a ‘high temperature’ tuna’s muscle strength triples, and so does its combatively.

And finally, the speed and rush! Bluefin tuna can develop a speed, necessary to attack, up to 80-90 kilometers per hour. And here again a unique system, resembling fictional machines of the future from Hollywood films, steps in. To reduce water resistance during the attack the tuna puts its  pectoral and abdominal fins into special ‘pockets’, and advances them as navigators, just before the throw at the prey, so as not to miss. All these being added up by a binocular vision of the tuna fish and its exceptionally keen hearing … leave no chance for the victim.

Impressive, isn’t it?  It is not only we who are impressed. Two years ago, scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology started designing a robot «RoboTuna 2.0» for the U.S. Navy. The technical design is based on ‘technical characteristics’ of a  bluefin tuna, and is meant for a new type of a submarine-spy.

Putting ‘spy stories’ aside  let’s look at what peace-loving part of humankind take  interest in about tuna fish,  namely, its excellent tastiness. It is because of its tender and delicious meat that tuna got a nickname of ‘sea beef’.

Fishing in Israel – Interesting facts

‘Tuna’ is appreciated all over the world, but the main consumer is, of course, Japan. It can easily eat 80 percent of the total catch from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The thing is that sushi and sashimi (or sashimi and sushi – as you like) so demanded to the hearts of the Japanese are made of Bluefin tuna. In the old days these dishes were served at table only for aristocrats, but from the beginning of the 17th century tuna started the march throughout the land of the rising sun, delighting the eye and the stomach of both the rich and the poor.

As demand creates supply – fish restaurants offer their customers all sorts of tuna fish dishes, which gourmands pay a lot of money for without batting an eyelid. Fish vendors loosen their purse strings when buying freshly caught tuna, too – they will never come off the loser! Once a price of 67.500 dollars was paid for a 324-kilo fish! So in the market Bluefin tuna is listed alongside with such delicacies as caviar and oysters.

The wise Japanese and fish fans from the rest of the world, that joined them, are driven not only by fashion or tradition. Bluefin tuna is a real storehouse of vitamins and phosphorus, potassium and sodium, the famous “Omega-3″ is created on the basis of unique natural fat of tuna. This ‘healing’ fish can successfully prevent heart conditions, conditions of blood vessels, those of brain and eyesight; it helps to prevent cancer and is a good antiseptic. Besides, a diet of meat of a tuna fish (no matter raw or canned, as even being cooked, it retains all its healthy qualities) can not only replace beef by its richness, but also helps to lose weight … and even pump up muscles.

But before we have all these delicacies and healthy foodstuffs at the table, we need to get a Bluefin tuna. When fishing a tuna a special bait attractant is used – it is chopped fresh fish, thrown into the sea. Once the tuna fish smelled blood and started eating up a free snack, the turn of the bait comes. This is either natural seafood (squid, mackerel ) or spinnerets (spinners, wobblers – artificial fish made ​​of wood or plastic, silicone octopuses, streamer baits, resembling  whisks, made of feather, thread,  etc.)

And then a human steps in, his strength and self-possession. As well as tackle, which he is equipped with – a strong fishing line, bulky landing nets, hooks and harpoons. They should be heavy and strong, as the fight is going to be hard and long: a tireless tuna can resist for ten hours or more.

Offshore tuna fishing in Israel – Hunting .. a Tuna

But the incredible tension, fatigue, and other inconveniences fade away when compared to the excitement of struggling, an incredible adrenaline rush and a delightful sense of a combat and a victory over the powerful and enduring enemy.

Now it is a perfect time for offshore hunting tuna here in Israel. A perfect time because in summer, that these fish migrate in our coastal waters. I advise you not to miss this opportunity and go to sea immediately.

There is a wide range of opportunities to do so. If you are lucky enough to own a boat, or if you have not got a water means of transport yet, if you are a fan of exciting offshore sea fishing in Israel or an idyllic holiday on the waves, Yacht Club Israel- Sea Fans Association’ (YCI) – is happy to help you to make any of your dreams, connected with the water world, come true.

Three years ago, Edward Ostrobrod, the President of ‘Sea Fans Association’ decided to create a yacht club as a community of like-minded people, and this idea immediately found a response. ‘People who in one way or another could not imagine their life without the Water World came under the banner. Among them were fans of scuba diving, sea fishing, spearfishing, and riding a jet ski. Very often people, who wish to make a sea cruise with relatives or close friends , celebrate an important event on board, or chill out  a grand party with friends, join us’, – says Edward.

‘A moment! And the wind is whistling through the rigging, and fills his heart with joy and freedom. Waters of the ancient sea are mysteriously sparkling. He can see silver placers of southern stars in the black velvet sky over the masts. He believes that among these stars his lucky star, the star of his fortune is also shining… ‘.

Maybe it is about you?..

Good luck and good hunting to all of us!

Captain Edward Ostrobrod, President of Yacht Club Israel.

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