Helicopter Trips in Israel

It is really nice to spend a vacation in a beautiful place. Anyone will say this is true no matter where you go. What important is how this place is presented to you and what you will learn about it. If you are not given a chance to learn about the historic importance of a certain place and the fact that it has been admired at all times, you will not be able to fully enjoy all its beauty. Even if you do, still you will lack this interesting, gripping or sometimes fascinating prehistory.


Speaking about a great vacation and about proper perception of beautiful things we would like to tell you about the wonderful service that can really help you discover all the extravagant beauty of the places that you have not seen before. This is about rather an unusual and so far quite an exotic service of ours – a helicopter trip over Israel.

The helicopter is a device that is perfectly suitable for observing beautiful scenery, but of course, it is a convenient transportation means as well. The advantage of a helicopter is that unlike the plane it can fly very low, at such an altitude, where you can enjoy the view of the countryside. Moreover, the helicopter can hover over some place to give you an opportunity to observe things in detail, it can rise higher or go down, as you like. You cannot do it on board an airplane, besides it flies much faster, so you cannot observe the scenery in such a detail.
If you are visiting an interesting country, you want to explore its every corner like nowhere else. So, the helicopter will take you exactly where you wish. It can land nearly in any place, which is not possible for an airplane. This is a very convenient characteristic of this kind of transport.

How fascinating it is to fly and enjoy the view of a deserted sandy beach in the distance, with no people on it, which looks as if the whole world forgot about it. And you might wish to take a slow walk on its sand with water splashing round your feet and think how wonderful life is and what a happy person you are.
And this is not the only convenience a helicopter can offer. One might feel irritated or bored to start his flight with a car trip to the airport, and wait there until the plane is ready. Besides it takes so much time of your precious holiday. But a helicopter does not only show breathtaking scenery to its passengers, but can pick them up from any place – like the Dead Sea coast or anywhere else and take to the airport.
For example, from Eilat to Ben-Gurion airport. All planes to Russia or Ukraine fly from there, but getting there by car can be sometimes boring or even exhausting. You have to go by car for 5 hours and you might feel sorry to spend such an amount of your precious vacation time on a car trip. Especially if you know that in case of going by a helicopter you can have a chance of calling at some other place on the way, in other words, you can spend your time more productively.
The flights program is varied, you can go by a helicopter wherever you wish – to the north to see the famous Sea of Galilee, or Lake Kineret as it is also called, to see the place where Jesus walked on the water surface 2000 years ago. To visit places where he performed miracles, for example, where he fed a great number of starving people with only two fishes and bread, and the place where he was baptized. And, of course, you will enjoy this sight better from a helicopter.
As far as helicopter trips are concerned, you can fly above craters and canyons; make a circle over them to fully enjoy their every fascinating detail. This is not at all possible when going by car.


You can use a helicopter to reach the places where there are no roads and which are inaccessible by any other means, except by helicopter. These can be places like oases around the Dead Sea, which are located in the middle of the desert, or the steppe. And this is also an amazing sight to see – water splashing and every kind of vegetation growing in the middle of a dead area. After looking at it you start believing in miracles. But these places are natural, as there is absolutely no infrastructure or any kind of utilities here.
And if you fly over the beaches and are lucky enough to catch the moment when turtles come out of the water to lay eggs, you can observe another interesting phenomenon. It is just nature in all its manifestations. It would be impossible to get to such places by any other means, but a helicopter, as they are natural conservation areas closed for public. And the sight is magnificent. Hundreds of turtles coming ashore to make their nests and lay eggs. The sight is really lovely.


You can also fly in the direction of Jerusalem, that most religious city. Flights above Jerusalem itself are of course forbidden, but you can fly not far from it and avoid any questions from the Israeli air force. You will still be able to see all the famous religious sights, for example, the Wailing Wall, as well as churches and mosques.
Fly in the direction of Haifa and observe the city from above. You cannot imagine how nice it is to fly over rural areas and to land there! Pick some fresh peaches and an orange straight from the trees – their juicy fresh flavor is incredible. And the view of the plantations is unimaginable. Officially, you are not allowed to pick them and carry away in a bag, but you may pick some from the trees and eat as much as you want on site. And no one will say a word. So, hire a helicopter and visit plantations of grapes, peaches, cherries, oranges, apples and other fruits, where fruits grow and ripen nearly all the year round, each in its time.

You could make a trip to the winery, but the best wineries in Israel are located at a great distance from each other, so it is not really convenient to travel about them by car. It is not possible to visit more than two of them within one day and you will not able to stay long, but if you go by a helicopter you will enable you to visit more than 4 wineries, where you can have an opportunity of not only tasting, but also buying the wine, which you will surely like, because Israeli wineries are famous for their wine, as varieties of wine grapes suitable for making excellent wine grow in Israel.
So, if you want to travel and to see the entire neighborhood, which other people might not be able to see, and to enjoy the sights of the country, you need to go by a helicopter. It does not only save your time and allow you to see more, but also gives you a chance to look at everything from a completely different angle. Even if you have already been to Israel, but have not made a trip by helicopter, we advise you to have a try. It is worth it.


In our fleet we have a helicopter with seats for only 3 passengers and a pilot, but there is another one for 5 passengers. This means that if you want to make the flight cheaper, you can share expenses with your journey partners or just with your friends. Anyway the price does not bite, so middle-class people can easily afford this kind of a trip. So do make a helicopter trip and enjoy the stunning beauty.

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