Offshore fishing charters in Israel

If you are looking for a fishing experience of a lifetime on your visit to Israel, you’ll definitely want to try your hand at the rich offshore waters of the Mediterranean. Unique marine species, guaranteed impressive catch, fishing techniques not to be found elsewhere – Israel is renowned for its unforgettable fishing experience.
Yacht Club Israel can provide you with unlimited opportunities to enjoy the excitement of offshore fishing at its best.

Offshore fishing boats in Israel

Sea fishing with us isn’t just about renting offshore fishing boats in Israel. It’s way better. You get awesome equipment, assistance of an experienced crew, delicious tuna on board and breathtaking fish tales for years to come!
Most tourists planning their trips to the Promised Land are confronted with one and the same problem.

Offshore charters in Israel

There are very few companies that provide all-inclusive offshore charters in Israel. Most services are geared towards country residents who fish for a hobby with directions to good fishing spots.
Luckily, there’s Yacht Club Israel at your service: our charter packages are tailored to bring you the comfort of one stop shopping.

Thorough approach to offshore fishing

The most experienced captains and deckhands, inspected vessels, high tech equipment, perfect timing – we’ll take care of you from the moment you arrive until we take you back to the dry land with abundant catch and a happy smile on your face.

Best fisherman secrets at hand:
Our crew members have years of experience in Bluefin tuna fishery, ensuring you’ll end up with a tuna on your line after a thrilling hunting adventure. That’s right, it is real hunting for real men, and not just ‘fishing.’ As those who stand out to sea to get this mighty azure blue fish, should know that the enemy is strong and clever, and it should not be underestimated.
Your catch served to you right on the deck

Offshore fishing charter in Israel

Last but not least, we’ll serve the just-caught tuna for you right away. Our customers are unanimous: its taste is hardly comparable to sushi and sashimi they’ve tried in the most exclusive Japanese restaurants.
So, are you up to putting your offshore fishing skills to a test?
Don’t miss this opportunity to fish in the bountiful offshore waters of Israel in search of “the big one”. Contact us today and book your adventure with the premiere offshore fishing charter in Israel!

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