luxury yacht charter Israel. Cruises along Mediterranean coasts of Israel

Holidays at the seaside is not only the sand and beach chairs, but also the opportunity to go for a ride by a comfortable yacht. Nowadays this dream is feasible – luxury yacht charter in Israel

Yacht Club Israel invites you to charter yachts in Israel to go on sea travel along the Mediterranean coast of Israel, and to choose the route that meets your taste and sufficiency, in fact, in defiance of fixed opinion, Cruise can afford not only upper-income people, but also the middle class.

Those who doesn’t suffer from seasick can safely go on travel with the whole family or alone. In case of any inconvenience concerned the weather or your health, you can always go ashore and immediately find yourself in one of the numerous corners of Israel, full of history and mysteries. The ancient cities of the world such as Acre, Jaffa, Ashkelon, Caesarea are waiting for you, the restaurants and tourist attractions in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Hertzeliya will not leave you indifferent!

Luxury yacht charter in Israel. Three hour yacht trips

One of the most popular and beloved by the public products. Starting point is a marine in Hertzeliya. It is possible to sail both in the daytime and at night. Everything depends on your preferences: to admire the local architecture, sunbathing on the board , recreation and water sports or to go on a romantic travel sitting on a yacht with a glass of wine. This kind of trip includes a yacht carter with crew, usage of cabins, air-conditioning, DVD, snacks (seasonable fruits, a bottle of wine or champagne, sandwiches), hot and cold drinks (water, tea, coffee, juices), air-conditioning, fishing at anchor. We are glad to provide you additional services, such as:

-Riding watercraft
-Intro diving
-Underwater and ordinary photo / video shooting of your holiday
-Fishing, trolling
-Personal guide
and so on.

Charter yachts in Israel – Hertzeliya, free cruising

Hertzeliya is considered to be one of the most prestigious cities in Israel. This is a luxurious resort for tourists, where you can go for a walk on a beautiful seafront, visit many restaurants and admire the marine with a great number of the most luxurious yachts, rest on beautiful sandy beaches. This cruise is appropriate for those who wants to relax far away from the coast, go fishing or ride watercraft and other water entertainment.

Hertzeliya – Apollonia (Arsuf)

Apollonia is the ruins of the ancient city on the cliff, overlooking the natural dock. Large parts of fortress wall, east gate of the fortress, living spaces, Phoenician workshop for the production of purple (the oldest natural colorant, Roman nobility’s clothes were stained with it))were found during excavations in the ancient city. There are remains of the Arsuf bastion, Crusader castle, for which Salladin and Richard the Lionheart had fought. During the cruise you can admire the view of the bastion or get to the shore by an inflatable rubber dinghy and see the ancient walls of the city walls closely.

luxury yacht charter Hertzeliya – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was founded in 1909, it is the second largest city in İsrael, after Jerusalem. It’s economic, industrial, commercial and tourist center of the country. “White City” as it is often called because of the great number of light Bauhaus buildings. İt is a perfect place for relaxation and entertainment. Here, you can not only enjoy the sea on the beautiful beaches, but also visit various museums, theaters, concert halls and exhibition. The city is famous for its nightlife. There are many clubs for all tastes, bars and restaurants here. Every day they are visited by a great number of tourists and inhabitants of the country. People often say”Jerusalem prays, Haifa works, Tel Aviv has good time’’. Besides daytime cruises, the route Hertzeliya – Tel Aviv is also ideal for a romantic evening stroll, when a motley seafront feasts the eyes with colored lights. On the way back you can have dinner in one of the restaurants on Tel Aviv marine, or order the dinner directly to the yacht.

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Six hours yacht cruises

Boat charter in Israel - Fishing – Cruise

Fishing is an exciting kind of sports. It requires patience and skill. The world of sea life is very diverse, and the catching techniques are very interesting! Sea fishing for beginners and professional fishermen becomes a real sporting passion for the whole life. Boat fishing trips in israel is incomparable pleasure, because every time when you go to the sea you enrich your knowledge by studying and testing in practice new techniques. Sea fishing is so fascinating that you will forget about everything as soon as you start fishing. It is better to go on boat fishing trips either early morning or at the sunset time. There is a big part of the necessary equipment on the boat. In the case, if you have additional wish, please indicate while making order.

Boat charter in Israel – Hertzeliya – Dor beach – Haifa

Dor beach is a nature reserve with wonderful small islands, coastal caves. Dor is known for amazing underwater beauty with unique flora and fauna. While diving, you can also watch this graveyard of sunk ships, that had come to this harbor of the ancient port.

Haifa is the northern capital of İsrael, located on the Caramel mountain. Great Bahai Gardens, the cave of Prophet Elijah, the Carmelite Monastery, the German Colony, the Church “Stella Maris” are the Haifa’s attractions, and of course there are many bars and restaurants here. As it is the third largest city, Haifa can offer all types of recreation for tourists, and you will not regret that visited it. On the way to Haifa, you can watch from the boat the ancient ruins of Apollonia, the ancient port of Caesarea, and the seafront of modern Netanya.

Luxury yacht charter Hertzeliya – Caesarea

Caesarea was built over two thousand years ago by the Phoenicians, conquered by the Jews, driven back by Pompey. It was reigned by the Arabs, Crusaders, Turks … There is a national park-reserve Caesarea on the territory of the ancient city. Extensive and intensive archaeological excavations are carried out here nowadays. You can visit the Roman amphitheater, which is used now, the city wall, the racetrack, to see the giant statues, remnants of synagogues and churches. Besides you have the unique opportunity to dive with our instructors and see the excavations being conducted nowadays under water. On the way to Caesarea you will also see the city of Apollonia, and modern Netanya.

Charter yachts in Israel – Hertzeliya – Tel Aviv – Jaffa

Jaffa is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The ships with pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem always came here. It is believed that it is here Noah had built his Ark some, Perseus had freed Andromeda and from here the prophet Jonah had hit the road, the apostle Peter had been revealed the vision, and righteous Tabitha had been raised from the dead. The old stones of the city keep the memory of the Napoleon’s soldiers. Napoleon is known to have used the port of Jaffa during the Indian campaign. Nowadats Old Town is turned into one big tourist and art center with many restaurants, galleries, shops, flea markets, salons, museums and archaeological excavations. İt is possible to see an old sunk ship in shore of the city while diving. Our instructor will show it to you with pleasure!

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One-day tours

Hertzeliya- Acre

Acre is one of the ancient cities of the world, that is inferior only to Jarusalem,in the number of historical places. Among the sights of Acre we can mark out numerous historical monuments, as Al-Jazzar mosque, underground passes of Knights Templars, cloisters ,fortresses,and lots of others. Thats a wonderful city, where you can spend a great time- plunging in antiquity, or just walking along the streets, visiting diffrent restourants,buying souvenirs, and visiting coaching inns, turkish baths, and other places of interest.During this cruise you ‘will an opportunity to enjoy the contemplation of numerous cities that were situated on the seacoast between starting and final point, among them: Apollonia, Netanya, Caesarea, Haifa.


Palmahim is the nature reserve, amazinly beautiful place, and is prefered by people that want to get away from vanity of cities.

Ashdod is the largest harbour in the country, through which pass 60% of all imported cargoes. Ashdod belongs to one of an ancient cities in the world, it was firstly mentioned in XVII B.C. In Bible this city is mentioned 30 times ,and among its inhabitants during the centuries were: philistines, israelis, byzantines, crusaders and arabs.

Ashkelon is one of the antique cities of Middle East, and earlier it surved not only as important harbour,but also as a huge cultural center. Modern Ashkelon is a dynamical developed city, with a marvelous beaches and lagoons, which consider to be one of the best in Israel. In national park of Ashkelon you can see ruins of buidings that left since the times of crusaders and also statues of roman gods.

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