SCUBA DIVING, or Diving with an Aqualung into the World of Silence

In 1943 when Jacques-Yves Cousteau created an apparatus for breathing under the water and 10 years later when he wrote a fascinating book about the sea “The Silent World”, the French scientist did not even envisage that these two incidents of his life would have such a great future, but they would become the basis for the triumph of the world of diving. In less than a hundred years, the community of divers has already more than 20 million people and is still growing and multiplying rapidly.
Scuba diving, i.e. going down under the water with an aqualung, is named so from the English abbreviation of a ‘Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus’ – an autonomous breathing apparatus for underwater. A modern aqualung has, of course, gone a long way from the model made by Cousteau, but its principles have remained the same – they are cylinders of compressed air and a regulator, or a breathing apparatus.
Why is scuba diving so popular? Scuba divers are attracted not only by the beauty of the underwater world or the excitement of underwater fishing, every dip is a “test of strength” and of their composure, self possession and ability to act in the most unexpected situations.
That is why scuba diving has expanded its range. Now it has a lot of fields: research, rescue, military, night, ice, extreme speleological diving … We are primarily interested in the so-called recreational option – diving for recreational or educational purposes.

But even such a seemingly “light” type of scuba diving has a lot of limitations. People in the state of depression or exhaustion or after heavy physical labor or those suffering from insomnia, as well as those who have taken even the most “harmless” portion of alcohol or a hearty breakfast or lunch are not recommended to submerge under the water. Scientists have added a whole multitude of ills to the list of contraindications to scuba diving. We are not going to put it here, but recommend that you should get a consultation of a qualified medical professional before the first dive. As they say, “Forewarned is forearmed” …
We hope that you successfully passed “submersion test” and are going to discover a fabulous and mysterious world of quiet exotic beauty… But first, you will be amazed by the incredible feeling of “free floating” in a water column, or, in a more familiar wording, the feeling of weightlessness, culminated by delightful swimming in underwater currents – «drifting» (this is also, incidentally, a separate type of scuba diving) … When diving, you can see phantasmagoric phenomenon called halocline, which occurs during the transition of salty sea water into fresh water, when a person visually finds himself in two substances simultaneously – transparent and jelly-like ones. But then you reach the bottom, and a multicolor palette of luxurious underwater world is unfolded before your eyes. It is impossible to describe it – you need to see this by yourself.
But do not relax and never try to pat the fish or the bush you liked: underwater inhabitants do not like invasion into their privacy. The most “uncommunicative” of fish are the rock-fish and the weaver fish with poisonous spines on their backs, stingrays, large conger eels and morays with their powerful jaws and strong teeth are really dangerous, be careful not to touch the glowing purple jellyfish or black sea urchin. To avoid burns or painful prinks do remember the simple rule: inhabitants of underwater depths, as a rule, do not attack first, but they are able to protect themselves from tactless guests …
However, these unpleasant things are nothing compared to the wonderful impressions from scuba diving on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. There are a lot of great places to scuba dive or just to spend fun time, as well as to do extreme sports. We would like to focus on the two most attractive places – Caesarea, and Eilat.

The ancient city of Caesarea, built by King Herod, was conceived as Sebestos port infrastructure that had been created here earlier for commercial traffic from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. The huge port is preserved in excellent condition, and it is paradise for underwater archeology fans: the remains of ships and swimming pools, ancient statues and columns, piers and breakwaters cannot leave them indifferent. Sunken treasure hunters can also try their luck as, according to some scientists, valuable artifacts worth of many millions of dollars have not yet been found off the coast of Caesarea and are waiting in the wings …
Eilat, the pearl of Israel on the Red Sea, cordially invites to enjoy its underwater beauty. The very names of attractive diving sites make the diver’s heart beat faster: Tables of Neptune, the Canyon, Japanese Gardens, Grottoes, Moses Rock, the Paradise … This compact world, which never has bad weather and the sea is always warm, calm and crystal clear ensures a classic resort diving among myriads of colorful fish, fabulous coral reefs and mysterious ship wrecks – this is what fans of comforts and the exotic want on a holiday.

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