Fishing a Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola)

Yellowtail or seriola (Seriola Lalandi), – is a widespread popular fish of medium size with a good combatively. Yellowtail is a member of the hard tail cavallas family (Carangidae) and resembles nearly its ‘relative’ Alford. It is a schooling fish living in coastal areas, able to swim fast. This is a predatory fish, which offers stubborn resistance to the angler. It got its name because of the color of its tail fin. Hebrew names of Seriola are : Intias, Arichola, Shula, but at the market in Jerusalem, it is sold with a Japanese name of Leatherjacket. But it is wrong to call Seriola an ‘Antias’, as some Israeli fishermen and those who like eating fish do. ‘Anthias’ – is a different fish of the Mediterranean Sea, a relative of Stone Bass – Grouper, edible, though rather small. The English-speaking call Seriola an Amberjack. Its first dorsal fin has thorns.

Yellowtail is found on both sides of the equator. There are three subspecies of a yellowtail – Californian, Asian and southern. Each of these subtypes exists in isolation from the rest, without any interaction. Record weight of yellowtail caught is 52 kg – the record was first set in Tauranga (New Zealand).

Yellowtail can be caught by using either moving or stationary bait. This can be a live fish or a spinneret. Normally, these fish are found in the open sea. Sometimes schools can follow one single fish caught on a hook, or resisting up to the very surface of the water, thus allowing anglers waiting for them to get a more massive catch easier.

Yacht Club Israel invites you to enjoy fishing a yellowtail. This delicious fish will undoubtedly be your reward if you’re lucky enough to catch it.

See the photos of our recent trip for fishing a yellowtail  belo.

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