Fishing a Gray Triggerfish

Gray Triggerfish – it is not a very big fish, found in the Mediterranean Sea. It lives in shallow water 20 m – 100 m deep.

Gray Triggerfish can grow up to 60 cm in length and its weight can be 2-3 kg. Life style and looks of this fish is typical for all kinds of triggerfish, but unlike its tribesmen gray triggerfish has a uniform gray, bluish-green or brown color (other species are more colorful).

Adult fish live in small stocks. They prefer rocky soil, dense thickets, or shipwrecks. In such places there are a lot of clams, which are the food for  the fish. For cracking their hard shells gray triggerfish has strong teeth, by their structure and looks resembling the teeth of a titan triggerfish.

The fish has a high, rounded body. Dorsal and anal fins are set rather far back, pectoral fins are small. Eyes are located high on the body. Gray triggerfish has an extremely tough skin, which resembles concrete by its texture. This armor can handle the protection of the fish against medium-sized predators.

Another powerful weapon used by the gray triggerfish for defensive purposes is a large and sharp thorn, which grows near the dorsal fin. The fish is calm by its nature and does not attack a potential enemy, trying to stab it. Instead, it allows divers to approach it easily. An inexperienced diver may pay a price for trying to pet the fish, as the spike is very sharp and the sting is painful.

Gray triggerfish is common in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. That is why it got its second name – Mediterranean triggerfish. Its breeding season coincides with the Mediterranean summer. During spawning, the female lays eggs in a hole, specially constructed in the sand, after which the clutch is protected by the male, waiting for the larva to appear, and then they would go for their maiden trip.

If you’re a brave person and fishing is not only a relaxing pastime for you, but a thrilling one, Israel Yacht Club invites you to go fishing a Gray Triggerfish.

Enjoy this hunt, feel adrenaline in your blood!

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