Fishing a Mahi-Mahi (dolphin fish)

Mahi-Mahi (a dolphin-fish) – is one of the most beautiful fish in the sea and the ocean. Its body has quite an unusual shape. If you look at it on the side, in general it resembles a medium-sized Tuna (about 1 meter long). The exception is the head, which looks like a stump. Thus, the “face line” (so to say) of Mahi-Mahi fish is vertical. The line of the belly and the back line at the head of the fish form nearly parallel lines – and, in combination with a vertical “face” make a rectangle. In the lower right corner of the rectangle there are eyes and a mouth that give the impression of a ‘forehead’ over his head. Perhaps because of this forehead the fish has another name – a dolphin-fish. If you look at it not from the side, but frontally, you can discover, that it is completely flat, and any resemblance to the tuna disappears immediately as ‘in the section’ tuna is nearly round. This description being added up by glittering of color from yellow to iridescent bluish-green color of the mahi-mahi, makes quite an unusual portrait. This fish cannot be confused with any other. As soon as its head appears on the surface of the water, everyone  says: “Mahi-Mahi.”

There are other names for this fish: for example, in the Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica, Miami and Israel, it is called, as already mentioned,  a dolphin-fish. Although, of course, it has nothing to do with the dolphin, as the dolphin is a mammal, and Mahi-Mahi – is a fish. In Thailand and Germany it is called “golden mackerel,” although, again, it has nothing to do with mackerel, as mackerel – is an ordinary sombrous. The Spanish call it “golden dorado,” but mahi-mahi and dorado fish have nothing in common either. Dorado is smaller and is like an ordinary crucian carp. On Malta it is called “Lampuka” and it is even depicted in Maltese 10-cent coins. In Japan it is a “shira”. But in Greece and Russia mahi-mahi is called a “Coryphaena”.

Mahi Mahi feeds on flying fish, and so they catch it using trolling method at a high speed, with a spinneret or a live bait. It is a matter of habit and taste which kind of bait to use. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Live bait makes a lot of trouble. You need to attach it better, but it ‘glitters’ in the water much worse. So if it is the coryphaena that is your goal, we recommend using a spinneret. Here, each angler has his/her own recipes. Some anglers prefer a synthetic bait – it is a good imitation of a live flying fish, others – a wooden spoon, which has the plumage and coloring similar to those of the flying fish. But very often when trying to catch a big marlin anglers prefer natural bait, which often attracts coryphaena.

Fishing coryphaena is very exciting. The fish is strong enough to struggle with the angler and playing with it will require effort and patience, but perhaps this is what we all expect from fishing and what makes the trophy so desirable for us.

Coryphaena is tasty and can be prepared in many different ways – it can be steamed, cooked in a soup, grilled, or just fried in a pan.

Yacht Club Israel is happy to provide you with an opportunity of fishing this predatory fish and we hope you will enjoy struggling with it.

Fishing in Israel

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