Fishing a Grouper (Stone Bass)

Grouper, Stone Bass, or Locus – is a group of fish of the groupers family, common in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea (7 species) and the Red Sea (19 species), the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. It has a bright and varied colour -  a large number of bright spots, stripes, dots on the dark background, and the color of the grouper can change depending on its mood.

The length and weight of the fish ranges from 20 cm and 100 grams to more than 2.5 meters and the weight of over 450 kg. A giant grouper Epinephelus lanceolatus 270 cm long, weighing 400 kg inhabits the waters of the tropical Indian and the Pacific Oceans. In the western Pacific there lives Epinephelus itajara grouper, 250 cm long, weighing 455 kg.

Large specimens are not edible, but those, which have not reached 50 kg, are considered an expensive delicacy. In many countries, they are bred in artificial conditions.

Fishing a Stone Bass does not require any special tricks. After lowering a loaded tackle to the depth of about 12-30 meters, the angler lifts the weight lead by half a meter from the bottom from time to time.

The best time for catching Stone Bass is post spawning period from early July to September. Gropper are caught with the help of a spinneret and a leger rig. Pieces of fish, shellfish, marine borer – clam worm and shrimps are used as a bait.

Sea bass fishing tackle is a 3-meter spinning rod with 40-60 grams or more of bread dough, which is equipped with a powerful inertialess reel, a fishing line with a diameter from 0.18 to 0.22 mm. At the end of the fishing line there is attached a  fitting with hooks (usually up to five hooks), at the end of which a weight lead of about 50 grams is attached.

Yacht Club Israel will be happy to provide you with an opportunity to go fishing this valuable and delicious fish together.

See the photos of our recent trip for fishing this kind of fish below.

Fishing in Israel

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