Night Club “BAROCCOBAR” (former “SOHOBAR”)


A Conceptual Club BAROCCOBAR opened its doors deep in a Tel-Aviv quarter where Bohemians and the art community live. One of the main features of BAROCCOBAR is a unique design developed by the owner, the eminent designer Michael Azulai, and a young talented French architect. To create a magical, almost alien atmosphere in the club, the well known designer Ela Tsarfati, who has been developing light fittings for the most known hotels of the Las Vegas for many years, created transcendent chandelier similar to the gigantic flowers from the planet Pandora of the “Avatar” movie.

A lot of thought went into the design of the interior which uses the conceptual foundation of rococo and baroque epochs. The stylish facade of the building, lounge location, VIP boxes, the only pink marble circular bar in Israel and the open dance-floor which can be viewed from all the boxes of the club, are what one would expect of the most renowned and popular elite night clubs of Moscow, London, Paris, Milan and New York.

Prestige and classics, they are eternal. They are outside age and fashion.

No matter what we think, there are some things that are symbols of a person’s status in life. The list of these things is long. Here are only some of them: special makes of vehicles, diamond jewellery, art objects, antiques, haute couture clothes and accessories, limited series of cigars and alcoholic beverages of the most renowned brands and … elite night clubs.

BAROCCOBAR is not only a scale project that gave birth to a new night club, but the “new dawn” in the world of club life, it is a sort of cultural revolution for Tel Aviv, it is the entire world of impressions that is open only for the elite. You can be sure that Israel took a step closer to the standard of the most prestigious clubs of the world’s capitals.

Ruven Kim invested more than 5 million shekels in his new brainchild.


To understand where the inspiration to create BAROCCOBAR came from, it is necessary to understand the European culture of the 17th and the 18th centuries when Baroque style originated. Palaces, parklands, cult music, extensional scale and fluidity of architectural forms, mirrors and gilt-framed pictures, marble floors and stucco moldings, card games in saloons, and masked balls are the basic elements characterizing, as best as they can, the life of royalty and aristocrats of the baroque times. For the first time in the history, just in the Baroque times, men began to wear perfume, and women began to wear high heels. Eccentric, prone to surfeits and luxury, the mannered life styles of the people of the day have defined the style of the club in many ways. This is precisely why the real connoisseurs of the European culture and all of things beautiful will feel at home in the club. It is impossible to see futuristic details of design or cold aggressive ones of Post-Modernist times here. Classical attributes of prim Baroque and refined Rococo have created in BAROCCOBAR a perception of luxury, genuineness, and prestige.

BAROCCOBAR is created for the purpose of providing presentable recreation to high status persons that serves their taste senses, demands, and level.

Guests and friends of the Club are successful and well-known people: representatives of Israeli and Russian elite, and of world’s business community, well-known persons of the world’s show business, politicians, representatives of the press, cultural figures and people of art.


Visitors of BAROCCOBAR will find all the things needed for recreation that will be unforgettable and worthy of them: favored people, performances of iconic world groups, and the most sensational “stars” of show business (you can get a sight of some of them only in BaroccoBar), well-balanced volume level and clear sound, music “voyages” performed by well-known DJs of Israel, Moscow and Europe, luxury shows and fine cuisine of all sorts …

Besides, it is possible to make a reservation of personal boxes that fit every taste, according to your own wish: VIP ROYALE is a luxury place for several persons on one of the galleries, with clubby atmosphere, with the service of a personal barman and a waiter, as well as a private bar for full disposal for all the evening.

In addition to the VIP ROYALE boxes, there is some other choice for comfortable recreation: elevated Lounge boxes on the galleries with complete personal service, and clubbier VIP boxes, personal boxes fitting every taste, designed for 2-3 persons in accordance to your wish.

But not only luxury and well-thought-out design creates this unique atmosphere of the club. These seemingly commonplace, not always noticed, things such as light smoke of expensive cigars, sillage of exquisite perfume, clip-clop of “Christian Louboutin” heels, clink of wineglasses filled by sparkling Moet, Dom Perignon or crystal Martini Asti … These are the things which characterize the whole world named BAROCCOBAR!

Things and places become expensive if and only if they become unique!

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