Fabrique Nightclub

Designer décor of the club is a sort of a battle of styles: hi tech and underground with the elements of modern and baroque chic. Aged expensive furniture, carved legs of sofas, columns decorated with the use of special equipment, marbled concrete floor, inversed brick setting of the walls in some parts of the club and old Prague cells style of design of the walls in the part of the club, where V.I.P.- zone is located. Designers decorated the club in an unusual style, having emphasized the contrast between old load bearing structures and luxury.

The design of the ceiling is a 100 percent underground hi tech, with deliberately emphasized and, as if exposed, electrical wiring, fireproof and air conditioning piping, but with chic designer chandeliers! A factory should be a factory, where there was concrete, it is still there, and old load bearing columns have been made even more aged, in some places plaster has been deliberately exposed, irregularities have been added, and these exquisitely “raw” and unpolished elements have been finished with baguet. Concrete and luxurious texture – this is the desired chic, which most advanced designers are crazy about nowadays, fulfilling their craziest ideas in the club space.

Toilets in FABRIQUE deserve special attention. Quality level of a club is often judged by the toilets, so, as in all the previous clubs of EVENTS FABRIQUE Company, toilets are constructed with a design twist, but located in two different parts of the club – on the side of the dance-floor and on the side of the sofa area. The idea to locate toilets in two parts of the club appeared in order to simplify and shorten the approach to these rooms, sometimes so important and necessary.

V.I.P. Sofa Area:

The main and the most comfortable seats in the VIP area are ‘platinum’ Chill Out boxes, sitting there you can enjoy beautiful view of the club stage, where bright and interesting shows often take place. Sitting comfortably in ‘platinum’ Chill Out box, you can watch barmen working and guests, smiling and having a drink.

V.I.P.-area is equipped with comfortable semi-antique sofas, arranged in two circles on a special podium. Sitting on such sofas at comfortable tables with a stunning view of the dance floor and the club stage, the guests who these places are meant for will understand what ‘kingly rest‘ is …

In V.I.P.-area there is a special V.I.P.- lounge, designed for all kinds of celebrations and other events. The V.I.P-lounge is big enough for a company of up to 15 guests. It has a perfect design with a healthy touch of humor and artistic highlight, is equipped with a separate sound system, which allows to adjust the sound from the quietest to the loudest possible, the possibility to open and close special public viewing, a large viewing window, by pressing a special button, and has a large and massive table, comfortable chairs and a sofa for those wishing to relax ‘in a reclining posture’… Staying in this room every guest can feel as if he or she is a person of a special status … Besides the V.I.P-zone the club has also some separate podiums – islets, with cozy and comfortable ‘modern’ style sofas, chairs and tables, meant for other visitors of FABRIQUE club and high bar tables.


Dance-floor is located in a separate part of the club, away from the sitting area and is equipped with a special separate state-of-the-art light and sound systems. The dance floor can be used not only for its intended purpose, while on the dance floor one can look at newly arrived guests with interest…

DJ’s place is also rather unusual. This is not a simple control panel, but a special DJ’s platform, installed under the ceiling of the club on which vinyl masters perform and will continue performing their DJ art for you. To the right and to the left of the DJ’s platform there are balconies with a glass floor, that can change its colour from time to time. It is meant for the show of Go-Go beauties.


Music and concert policy of FABRIQUE nightclub are stars of the club movement, the most popular DJs and ballet shows with special decorations and unusual costumes; performers, both from Israel and Russia, as well as specially invited foreign stars of the world show business.

As we love, and – what is most important – know how to combine and mix styles not only in design, but in music as well, dance policy of the club is a combination of the latest club music, which can be heard in the most popular clubs of the world, as well as all your favorite music, including Russian. Both our residents and guests work at the club and sometimes ‘imported’ DJs as well. FABRIQUE club has its own unique atmosphere, different from that of any other club, that elusive cluster of positive emotions, which is difficult to describe in words: the feeling of comfort, tranquility and at the same time, euphoria and joy at the sight of old friends, nice new faces and a pleasant sense of belonging to their society. All the inhabitants of the metropolis called Tel – Aviv find it is easy to meet, communicate and fall in love within the walls of the club. Being a favorite space for communication and getting charged with the most positive emotions is the best characteristic of any club.

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