Learning How to Sail a Yacht. Yachting License in Israel

Every person has his desires and dreams, every person has the right to do what he really wants, and we are eager to help. It is really great when you can make a person happy and satisfied. One day, a young man approached us with rather a strange request, he asked us for a favor to teach him to sail a yacht. He said that he already had a sailing license in Israel, but he took his exam a long time ago and forgot everything.
We decided not to go into the detail, but just to help him as we had such an opportunity. He set an appointment with our captain. Our fleet has a 15-metres long sailing yacht suitable for training: the yacht is the vessel, on which various trips have been made, including distant and charter ones, even global cruises. The yacht has two control points; in fact it has two wheels. Two captains can sail it and perform simple maneuvers on it, and it can also be used to teach people who are not good enough at sailing vessels but dream about it.
We set an appointment and our customer was happy to make a booking of a yacht for the whole week, during which he practiced with our captain for 5 hours every day. The man practiced sailing so hard that he managed to get nearly all his skills back.

It is important that he approached us having a license already, but in fact he practically could not sail a yacht at all. He was just not familiar with it. The captain of the yacht did not know Russian, but they could easily communicate in English, and they both felt at home and could understand each other easily. The customer wanted to learn all sea terminology in English to be able to communicate easily when at sea, in case he suddenly found himself in a foreign country, to be able to discuss the field related topics, understand everything and just be educated in the field. After all, English is an international language and the main one.
If the customer does not want to communicate in English, we will gladly provide him with a Russian-speaking captain, or just an interpreter, as this is no problem for us. We would be just happy to please the customer. But still we would recommend our customers to speak English as in this case things will be much easier in future.
During the week our customer completed a full course of yachting and studied each and every aspect – not only maneuvering, but all its minor peculiarities.
He has mastered mooring at port from different angles, calling at a refueling station – the right and safe way of doing it. He has learnt where and how dirty oil and sewage can be dumped. He was provided with all the information on environmental legislation of different countries – what is and what is not allowed for dumping over the board. Not all sailing schools can give such detailed information, though it is vitally important for the one who wants to be qualified in sea communication, taking into consideration the fact that fines for breaking such rules are growing day by day.


The customer was also taught how to read weather maps, how to forecast storms, how to measure wind speed, wave height and other important things, which can be vital in the open sea. He got information on how to act in emergency situations, how to predict movement during long voyages, how to escape from, God forbid, a sinking vessel: which items should be taken from it, how to broadcast signs of distress and which signs, how to plan food and water to last the necessary period of time. Of course, he was taught about the construction of a yacht, how to use the wind to get the best result, how to choose the correct angle of moving against the wind, and which angle you can never use. A sailing yacht was used for training, as this is the most difficult type of yacht to sail. But we can also teach you to sail a motor yacht with a diesel engine. It is easier to learn to sail it, but it really depends on one’s preferences.
It is important to know how to prepare for a long voyage, what should be taken on board to avoid experiencing an urgent need for something. In general, these should be treated very seriously, as some failure or a problem with the yacht in the open sea is much more dangerous to human life, than a car breakdown. We usually explain this as well.

Even if you do not sail a yacht yourself, but have your own captain, it is good to know these basics. You can test the captain then, and make sure he and his crew are well-qualified. Thus you can correct other people’s mistakes, as the human factor is always present. And besides, you might need this knowledge in case of some emergency or a dangerous situation in the sea.


So if you are eager to spend your vacation in such a way as to combine the useful with the pleasant we are happy to enroll you for a yachting course, which you will enjoy and which will help you to get some practical life experience. We can offer you a long-term, several weeks long course, or just a couple of days of training. Besides, if you have always dreamed of going for a yacht trip you are sure to enjoy it. If you are thinking of taking a course at a sailing school but cannot decide whether you really need it, you can book a day with us, spend it on a yacht with a captain-instructor and take a final decision.
Yacht trips in Israel is an unspeakable fun and we highly recommend to experience this unforgettable feeling of freedom and wind blowing into the sails to anyone who has not experienced it yet. The scenery of the open sea stretching as far as the skyline is breathtaking. Experience this awesome feeling of being in the water desert only with your nearest and dearest.

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обучение яхтингу в израиле
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