Fishing squid and cuttlefish

Waters of the Mediterranean Sea near the coast of Israel are not only rich in a variety of fish, but cephalopods, squid and cuttlefish.

Squid have a streamlined torpedo-shaped body, which allows them to move at a high speed “tail” forward, the main type of motion is reactive. Along the body of the squid there is a cartilage ‘arrow’, which supports the body.  It’s called the gladius and is a vestige of internal shell. The color is varied; some deep-sea species of squid have a transparent body.

Some species of squid are edible; they are used in cooking and are subject of fishing. Squid trunk and arms are used in culinary. The skin is peeled off. The main ways of cooking squid are seething, canning, roasting, stewing. They are mainly used in salads, alongside with other seafoods.

Common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis L.) inhabits the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it is 20-30 cm long, and its prehensile arms are the same long. Its arms have four rows of suckers. The color is changeable – its back is usually brownish with white spots and stripes and its belly is a bit lighter, the arms are greenish, and fins are purple. Cuttlefish is used for food. The shell (a so-called os sepiae) – cuttlefish’s bone, or canary crust, in the old days was used in medicine, and now is only put into cages of pet birds to clean their beaks. The ink sack fluid is used to prepare brown dye (sepia).
Cuttlefish is one of the most intelligent marine animals. The ratio of weight of its brain to the body does not reach the level of marine mammals, but considerably exceeds the level of fish and other shellfish. As the research carried out three years ago has shown, a cuttlefish, which was as a child attacked by a certain predator later on, prefers hunting this very type of predator.

What you need to know to prepare for fishing squid:

1) squid start hunting actively at night.

2) squid is usually caught in a rocky bottom.

3)  plastic wobblers with phosphorus are used as a bait.

4) before you throw a  wobbler into the water you need to bring a lighted torch up to it and hold it there for about 2-3 minutes, during this time the wobbler absorbs light and starts glowing.

After that, you need to sink the bait down to the bottom, pulling it every 15-20 seconds or to throw it further from the shore as a wobbler, and pull to the shore by rotating the handle of the spinning reel slowly. You can tell the bite by the heaviness, which suddenly appears at the end of the fishing line. At first  it feels  as if the line got stuck, but you should give no way to  loosing it, because on feeling the slack the squid manages to set itself free immediately. You should not force things though either. You just need to keep constant tension in the line and gradually reduce the distance between you and the prey. Squid is very slippery, and it is nearly impossible to hold it in hands, so you should immediately put it into a bucket or a bag. Cuttlefish is caught the same way.

If you want to know more about another one sea shellfish – octopus, do visit it’s page at our site, where you can find a lot of interesting and useful tips to enrich your knowledge.

Yacht Club Israel will be happy to take you squid and cuttlefish fishing and provide you with all the necessary fishing equipment.

See the photos of our recent trips for fishing this kind of mollusca below.

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