фридайвинг The history of apnea (freediving another name) began much earlier events in deep-breath-hold diving, as well as officially recorded records. In the Old World as the sport of freediving emerged in the middle of last century. Thanks to the huge influx of really talented athletes are regularly updated records and emerging new discipline.

Freediving – a special area in the diving, which is a scuba diving without scuba gear exclusively on the breath. Free divers are sent into the depths of the seas without cumbersome equipment, they are under water for as long as their body can tolerate.

The competitions are held just offshore. The athlete is preparing to dive, holding on to the buoy, which is tied rope, stretching deep into the sea. The cable acts as a visual guide. It should be noted that it attached a note with the appropriate depth, and in a variety of disciplines, it is used in immersion and emersion.

Now we are going to provide descriptions of the basic disciplines of competitive free diving.

- “Constant weight without fins” – an athlete descends vertically down and then ascends holding the breath, using only his own muscular strength. No additional equipment is used, it is also forbidden to pull on the rope, with one’s hands. It is the most difficult sportive depth discipline, because of absolutely no propulsion devices to go down and up used in it. This category of competition events requires great coordination and control of buoyancy and high-technology vessels. This category needs also a perfect coordination of movements, as well as perfect swimming technique.

– “Constant Weight” - the athlete descends vertically down and then ascends up holding his breath, using either a monofin or standard fins and his arm strength. It is forbidden to catch up on the rope or change one’s ballast while submerging; only a single hold of the rope to stop the descent and start the ascent is allowed.

– “Free immersion” - the free diver dives under water without the use of additional equipment, but only holding his breath and pulling on the rope during descent and ascent.

– “Variable weight” - the athlete goes down, using extra weight, and ascends back holding his breath, using only the strength of his muscles. It is not prohibited to pull up on the rope when ascending. . The discipline is one of the two competitive depth disciplines, where a sled to go down in the water is used. Old sleds descended “head first”, but more modern sleds descend “feet first”.

– “No Limit” - the absolute depth discipline. The free diver descends with the help of a trolley or a ballast weight, holding his breath, and ascends, using a ball filled with air, a diving suit, or any other equipment of his choice. “No limit” – is the most dangerous discipline, since it is very difficult to technically ensure the free diver even for a large scuba diver team at depths of more than one hundred feet of descent.

Regardless of the various limitations that are imposed by each discipline on the use of discharged cargo, fins and other accessories, an athlete may use a special suit which reduces heat exchange with the environment, a weight belt, a load collar and a mask.

Free dive without scuba gear enables thrillseekers to feel a part of the deep sea, enjoy the unique peace and harmony with nature. Yacht Club Israel can provide you with the best equipment for this sport, as well as with an experienced instructor, if necessary.

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