Fly Board

Not many people have heard about fly boarding. So, what is a fly board? You have probably already imagined a vivid picture of some unusual device that does not look like anything else. Unfortunately, science fiction fans will be a little bit disappointed.The operation principle of a fly board is simple. Fly boarding can be considered either an extreme sport or a kind of entertainment, but honestly this device does not have any sporting elements.

Let’s look at the “technical stuffing” of the device. The device can be connected to the engine of any wave runner by means of a flexible hose. This is attached to a pair of special shoes which eject a powerful water jet, which lifts you up into the air. Manual stabilizers, which are used to manage the device and your own position, are an integral part of this mechanism (they look like two thin hoses, but the water jet they eject can help you to perform any kind of pirouettes). The stabilizers are firmly fixed on the rider’s hands, which excludes the risk of the hose slipping out of the hands completely.
It’s an unforgettable feeling. You can traverse in the air, in the water and even under it.

You might have seen a dolphin jump out of the water and dive back into it again. Don’t you want to experience this thrilling sensation? No problem! You can feel adrenaline rush while performing various acrobatic stunts, which are impossible on land. Fly boarding in Israel is not just entertainment, you can have the time of your life with your family, friends or alone. Very few agencies in Israel can provide extreme entertainment, but we do have all the equipment for this kind of activity and can give you the opportunity to have this once in a lifetime experience.

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