Dorado deep bottom fishing

Kingfish Dorado  (Sparus aurata), also known as aurata is one of the most common fish off the coast of Israel. It belongs to the annular breams’ family, but exceeds its ‘relatives’ in gustatory quality. A distant mythical country of El Dorado, which Spanish travelers searched for in vain, got its name after this fish. They dreamed that in that earthly paradise they would drink ale and eat dorado every day. Dorado’s flesh was highly prized in ancient Rome, and therefore Dorado fish were specially bred in salt ponds and pools.

Average weight of  Dorado fish off the coast of Israel makes 400 – 800 grams with the length of 15 – 30 cm, but if you are lucky, you can catch a 6-kilo fish. Dorado fish live in small groups, in areas with sandy or rocky bottom at the depth of 10 – 30 meters.

The process of catching a dorado is the following: you throw a bait and wait for some time, if there is no bite, you twitch the bait to make it drift with the current for a while, then wait again, until the bait is in the area of ​​a bite – or until it is so far that it gets out of reach of the fisherman.

While surf casting you can relax – have a glass of whiskey and  chat with friends. But do not forget to keep your fishing rod taut, when you have almost forgotten about fishing and are enjoying a nice conversation, you can suddenly feel a strong strike at the fishing line – it bites! At the moment it bites you should strike the fishing rod so that the fish gets firmly on the hook and start pulling. When lifting the fish to the surface see to it that the line does not get weak, or your catch can get off the hook. When fishing from a boat it is recommended to use a short bar to be able to pull the catch out to the deck easier.

Yacht Club Israel  will provide you with equipment and gear by the best manufacturers (see photo «Our trackle») and a comfortable yacht – everything necessary for you to fully enjoy this kind of fishing.

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