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дайвинг в израилеLet us start with a little historical perspective, where we will cover the basic concepts and events in the history of the development of diving of both as an art and a truly unique kind of recreation and sport.

In English the word ‘diving’ means plunging into water or going down under the water. Back in the sixteenth century, creation of breathing bells became a kind of an impetus for further development of this unique kind of recreation. The famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau was the first to start diving as a sport and entertainment for general public. He and his best friend, a French engineer Gagnan created an effective demand gas regulator which made the aqualung concept possible. A number of scuba related international federations and associations, which nowadays have millions of fans and enthusiasts around the world are connected with the creation of a valve aqualung.

Free diving. Diving on a single breath of air – is a unique opportunity to thoroughly explore and learn completely new and extremely interesting facts about the culture and traditions of the region.

So, we are gradually coming to the description of diving in Israel. Our country undoubtedly has a great variety of attractions, but one of the most picturesque natural attractions in the country is the wonderfully clear Red Sea, with the famous Eilat coral reef as its main decoration. It is home for a huge number of animals, plants and fish – the inhabitants of the underwater world – a unique ecosystem that makes the Red Sea a very special place. When diving in Eilat you can not only experience magnificent underwater world, but also the highest level of customer service.
Diving in Eilat became very popular in the first half of last century. The city became an instant pilgrimage site for many divers, both amateur and professional ones. There are many opportunities. Even if you are familiar with diving only through documentary nature films, you can easily take an intensive short duration diving course in Eilat. And this is not surprising, since local diving centers make use of the latest teaching techniques of diving practice. Above all, very important for your safety is the fact that teaching scuba diving in Israel is performed by certified and highly qualified world-class dive masters, who possess extensive practical and theoretical experience in scuba diving.

They will help you to fully experience the unique feeling of weightlessness, as well as to visit the third dimension, peering into the depths of the Red Sea. Nowadays, this may be quite safe both for a little girl and a senior lady. To do this, you will not need any special experience or skills, as you will be accompanied by professional instructors.

Diving in Israel provides a unique opportunity for everyone to fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, which the Mediterranean Sea has, either individually or as part of a general program.

An important point is that in order to successfully complete a diving course you do not need to carry heavy diving equipment with you. Eilat has special service centers, where employees will be happy to rent the equipment out to you, and offer you the best option. Besides all the above in the service centers you will be provided with any information on diving and all kinds of attractions and entertainment in this wonderful city.

However while enjoying the beauty of this delightful corner of the world, we must not forget about safety precautions. Firstly you need to know and to strictly abide local laws related to the protection of corals and various archaeological treasures. According to local laws you will have to pay a substantial fine for taking them.

If you do not want to go diving with an aqualung or snorkeling, you can enjoy the so-called SNUBA or Hooka diving, when air is delivered to you via a pipe from the yacht, located on the sea surface. Such a voyage into the underwater world does not require any special training and is available to anyone, who knows how to swim. But for those who still dare to try diving with an aqualung, as a type of a holiday, or planning to continue diving, there are special diving courses and subsequent certification. Once you get past the diving training, you will receive certificates of various categories. Certificates categories range from the basic knowledge and skills tests that allow one to engage in independent diving to categories, which allow one to teach diving.

Additionally, most schools offer courses in underwater photography, diving on sunken ship wrecks, deep-water and night diving, providing first aid, as well as underwater navigation, etc. Of course, training courses for licensed divers are carried out by experienced instructors, with Russian-speaking experts among them as well. When diving we recommend that you should have a towel, a swimsuit, and, of course, be in a positive frame of mind.

You have the opportunity to choose your own route from both the northern Red Sea, which is full of sunken ships and the great Ras Mohammed National Park, and the southern part, with its delightful protected areas like Brothers, Zabargad, Rocky, Elphinstone, etc. Note that some parts of these areas are deservedly among the top ten places in the world by their beauty and stunning underwater world.

We really hope that following recommendations given in the article, you can best avoid any unwanted problems and come home with a positive experience! Scuba diving will undoubtedly be one of the brightest and most memorable adventures in your life.

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