Book “Coastlines of Israel”

This remarkable book, created by joint efforts of old salts Ruven Abramovich (Chips) and Gidon Shmueli (Chonale) will become an indispensable companion of those who want to explore the ports and beaches of Israel. Sailors will find here all the necessary information on the coasts, and connoisseurs of the beautiful will not get tired to admire the wonderful pictures by photographer Itamar Greenberg.
Israel looks like a tiny strip of the land on the world map. And still not many countries can be so proud of being washed by four seas – the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Gennesaret (or the Sea of Galilee) which the Israeli also call Lake Kinneret. The longest coast belongs to the Mediterranean, and there are a few geomorphological points – Rosh Hanikra, Acre, Haifa Bay, Caesarea, Atlit, Bat-Yam, Gaza.
There are 28 islands alongside the sea coast– five to the north and seventeen to the south of Haifa; six islands are in the centre of the country facing Ma’agan-Michael nature reserve. About 70 % of Israel’s population now inhabit the coastal strip. Such a great density is the result of the tenfold increase of the population since the beginning of the country. Meanwhile the area of the coastline has been reduced twice due to the development of the infrastructure: large parts of the coastline are now occupied by the military camps, state agencies, ports and bays. Powerhouses and heavy industry manufactures are also located on the coastline as they have to consume large amounts of water. Thus the economic progress of the country resulted in the lack of the coastline for the people of Israel.
The coast of Israel attracts a lot of water archeologists because the whole 50 meter coastline hides at least one ancient wreck full of treasuries and mysteries of the past.
Conquerors of the old times were eager to settle on the Israel coast and protect themselves from sea attacks. This made them erect large fortresses on their numerous marine parks. The remnants of these constructions survived to the present days and you can still see these stone witnesses of the bygone days.

The coastline also includes closed military areas. Every year the administration of the Israel Navy issues an updated a map of locations and schedules of naval exercises. To avoid a collision with a warship it is necessary to follow these instructions strictly. It is noteworthy that Israel’s area of territorial waters is about six miles.
Anyway the ships are prohibited to closely approach the bathing area and should keep at least 300 meters off the high tide line. Some beaches have breakwaters, which is more comfortable for swimmers, moreover, it enlarges the area of the sand beach itself.
Such factors as level of visibility, wave height, stream, wind force as well as facilities and functioning of the park should be always taken into account when entering and quitting the anchorage.
Alongside the coastline, there are lots of docks for different kinds of ships – punts, ships with a keel and large vessels. These docks include ports, harbors for pleasure yachts and boats, as well as deep bays. The largest bays are situated next to Haifa, Acre, Atlit, and Tintura.
Today there are the following bays in Israel. A part of Acre fishing port was turned into the bay meant for 80 yachts. The marina in Herzliya is designed for 800 yachts and the one in Tel-Aviv for 300 yachts. Jaffa has a bay for 100 yachts and 100 fishing boats. An anchorage in Ashkelon is meant for 600 parking places.
The development project for the Israel coast purports the creation of new bays for anchorages in Nahariya, Haifa, Caesarea, Hadera, Nathania, Atlit and Bat-Yam.

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