A Present for the Beloved Husband

What an amazing thing love is! Rather a funny feeling. What a sight it is to see a person trying hard to please and show how much he loves his second half. It is wonderful when he spends a lot of time and puts a lot of effort to get the best things for his beloved one. This is a story about a woman who shows all her love for her husband, how much she cares and is ready to do anything to make him happy.

A woman once called us, and we were very surprised by her questions about fishing. She wanted to know everything, even about the smallest details and nuances. This, of course, was really surprising as women usually have little interest in sea fishing, and in general the request seemed a little strange, but we are always ready to help no matter what, besides how can we refuse a woman who is such an expert in fishing?

She asked us a lot of questions about the boat, saying she wanted to hunt Tuna 20 kilometers off the coast. We set the time, having made sure that the sea was calm, negotiated the price, and everything was arranged and all the details taken into account. Then we had only to wait for the meeting. We fixed it for 4 a.m. so as to be able to reach neutral waters and to start fishing at dawn.

And so the time has come. We were waiting at the pier, everything was ready for the adventure. A woman and a man approached us. And the strange thing was that the man was blindfolded. The situation was not at all clear, but we were intrigued. The woman carefully helped her husband into the boat and started taking the bandage off his eyes. As soon as she removed the bandage and he saw what was going on – that he was in the boat, on sea shore and the whole thing was about fishing, his eyes immediately started sparkling with happiness. He grabbed his wife, started hugging and kissing her, saying how much he loved her and how dear she was to him, that she was the best woman ever and the beloved one.

The man turned out to be a big fan of fishing, and that day was his birthday. So the order for the fishing event was a surprise birthday present from the wife to her beloved husband. And she did surprise him by waking him up at 4 in the morning and taking somewhere blindfolded when most people were still asleep. He could not even imagine such a marvelous outcome.

Now everything was clear. She had looked through a lot of sites and a lot of companies to choose which would take the matter seriously. Some companies can just give you an ordinary boat and a fishing rod to catch small fish, but when fishing for a tuna special conditions need to be observed, and we can provide this to our customers. It was clear now why she had asked us so many questions about the gear and the yacht and whether they were suitable for catching tuna, whether conditions were good enough for excellent fishing and relaxation after it. And no sooner that she made sure they were she chose us.

Such a serious approach is really important as sea tuna fish can reach 170 kilos in weight. Considering water resistance and the great strength of the fish, you need special equipment to be able to pull such a fish out of the water as otherwise it can easily break all the tackle and escape.

So it was time to ‘start the present’. We sailed into the open sea, served coffee and sandwiches to the happy couple and waited for the dawn. As soon as the sun appeared fish started splashing in the distance. This meant tuna fish came out for breakfast. Tuna fish feeds with small fish called ‘mackerel’. When it chases mackerel the water round it starts boiling. Just imagine a perch hunting for small fish, but here the size is different. So this effect of boiling water showed us that we were at the right place. So fishing started.
We were sailing at the speed of 10 km/h or 7 knots in this boiling water with a tightly tied lure and suddenly our fishing rods literally start bouncing. The spinning reel is set with a high drag, which allows the fish to swallow the lure and pull the line off slowly. This is done so as to prevent the strong fish from breaking the line or unwinding it completely. When the reel starts unwinding its gears produce this kind of a loud sound. The strike was really hard and during the first 10 or 15 minutes the fish struggled with all its might being huge and strong enough.

Tuna is a schooling fish, so when they attack they are usually several of them. So all the reels start screaming simultaneously, which in its turn can cause an incredible adrenaline rush. Your heart rate goes up and you may start thinking desperately what to do next. At such a moment fishermen usually rush for their special safety belts and put them on as they are needed to avoid hurting your stomach muscles with the fishing rod when pulling the fish out. Otherwise you can end up having all your stomach black and blue or letting the reel unwind completely and the fish escape in case you do not hold the reel tight. It is absolutely impossible to wind the reel when struggling. All this time the boat continues moving and it looks like a real combat, nearly a war, where the man and the fish are fighting with each other.

After some time the fish starts losing its strength – this is obvious as the reel stops rattling and unwinding so vigorously. The most important moment for the most difficult task has come – you need to pull the fish closer. The line has to stay tight – and you need skill to do this as it is the most difficult task. If the line goes loose the fish can increase its speed and break it easily. When you are trying to hold the line taunt your arms have to be in constant tension, so it feels like they are going to come off. The body is aching and gets numb, but because of the overwhelming adrenaline rush you do not feel this fatigue. You can feel it only after the combat is over and you have won. The struggle can last for as long as 40 minutes.

Our fish turned out to be not a very big one, about 12 kilos and it took us about 20 minutes to win the battle over it. The fish was pulled closer to the boat we gaffed it and took it out of the water. Then we put it into a special compartment on the boat to let it die, as it was still continuing to struggle and the compartment avoids it hurting people. Not every boat has such a compartment, but ours does.

Once the fish was dead we could take it out and cut into pieces. We always have soya sauce and spices available to eat fresh-killed flesh of fish in the way Japanese fisherman have done for thousands of years. This kind of service is unusual, but we are happy to provide it as we know that fresh-killed fish is much tastier than the fish served at sushi-bars. The taste is dramatically different. It is impossible to explain it in words, but it is really an incredible pleasure.

The surprise has worked out – the man was in the seventh heaven as he caught the fish, he had spent a wonderful day with his beloved wife and just enjoyed life. All the way back to the shore he kept saying to his wife how much he loved her, what a smart and unusual woman she was, and praised her creativity.
We think other women can take her example for a model as she really managed to make her husband, a big fan of fishing, float on air and we are happy for both of them and their nice family. They love each other so dearly! We wish all spouses took so much care about their second halves. This could really make the whole humankind happy.

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