Wakesurfing is a new dynamic and exciting kind of sport, where you can WIN OVER the wave; it is also among the safest and calmest kinds of sporting activities. You can practice it at any water body where there are no waves or wind. The Sea of Galilee is perfect for this gripping activity as its surface is absolutely calm until noon.

You will need only a motor-boat and a wakeboard.

Usually a motor-boat with a wide hull, powerful engines, a big draft and a bottom of special shape, which can create a stern wake up to 1 metre high.

16 knots is ideal speed– at this speed the boat and the athlete move together, which allows you to stay on top of the wake all the time.

In wakesurfing the rider starts out holding at a short rope called fall, which is attached to the boat. This is dropped as soon as the rider gains the necessary speed to glide the surface freely.

A special board without bracing called a ‘wakesurf board’ is used for riding.

The carrying side of the board is usually covered with rough material to help the rider’s feet stick to the board. You do not need any special footwear for riding at all – it is better to ride barefoot. A wakesurfer can wear any kind of clothing, which allows freedom of movement, but should not be too loose to avoid catching on something.

A wakesurfer does not need to clip himself to the board, but just stands on it. If you lose balance you just slip off into the water.

Wakesurfing is an exciting activity because of its availability, gracefulness and, what is the most important, its safety. Compared to classical surfing it takes far less time to learn. As the distance between the motor-boat and the rider is rather short, instructions can be given from the boat as you surf. You do not need any serious sporting experience or training to be able to wakesurf. The most essential skills are the ability to keep balance and to swim. You must not be afraid of speed, either.

Nowadays wakesurfing is very popular. So if you are a little bit afraid of getting on the board yourself you can first watch other people riding and then try doing it yourself.

Wakesurfing is an excellent entertainment for those who want to make their summer interesting and full of new impressions. Do grasp at the opportunity of gliding over the waves!

If you have made up your mind to experience this unforgettable sensation of free continuous gliding on the waves do approach us. We will meet you and get you a professional instructor, who will supervise over your training.

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