Night life

Night Club “BAROCCOBAR” (former “SOHOBAR”)

Presentation A Conceptual Club BAROCCOBAR opened its doors deep in a Tel-Aviv quarter where Bohemians and the art community live. One of the main features of BAROCCOBAR is a unique design developed by the owner, the eminent designer Michael Azulai, and a young talented French architect. To create a magical, almost alien atmosphere in the [...]

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Night Club “Deja Vu”

Deja Vu Club is a legend of night-life of Tel Aviv… Maybe there is not a single person who has not visited it at least once, or has not heard about this place. The luxurious interior of the renovated Deja Vu club will give you a feeling of comfort and Edenic pleasure. You can experience [...]

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Fashionbar Night Club

Fashionbar is a new venue for exclusive events and parties in Tel Aviv – ‘the city that never sleeps’. Fashionbar is located in the very heart of Tel Aviv, where Allenby and Yehuda Ha-Levi, streets, well-known for their vibrant nightlife, are situated. It is here, among a huge variety of bars and clubs in the [...]

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Night Club “Ocean’S 11″

Night Club Ocean’S 11, is a place where you can immerse in holiday spirit! Sophisticated design, high quality lighting, color and sound will impress even the most demanding visitors. A large dance floor, two bars, a VIP – zone, a smoking room are at your disposal. Ocean’S 11 club holds weekly events, where the best [...]

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  • Fishing in Israel

    Fish in Israel True fisherman is always in search. He is always attracted by exotic seas and countries, new ways of catching fish in Israel and outlandish kinds of fish… Israel has everything necessary for such kind of fans of sea fishing: unique exuberant nature, the Mediterranean Sea, with its great diversity of flora and [...]

  • This funny TSAR FISH …

    Perhaps no other fish can boast of so much attention, and such a great reputation. In ancient Rome, Horace and Cicero wrote about it, the famous impressionist Edouard Manet made its pictures, in Russia it was served at the tzar’s table; fishermen in the East under the threat of death penalty were forbidden to leave [...]

  • Diving in Israel

    The term «diving» means “submerging under water or plunging into water”. But perhaps it is better to say that the unique hobby of diving, is more like a drug addiction. It is an addiction to which it is difficult to find a cure. You will only need one taste! Take a trial dive into the [...]

  • Fishing in Israel – Hunting .. a Tuna!

    Yes, it is real hunting, and not just  ‘fishing.’ As those who stand out to sea to get this mighty azure blue fish, should know that the enemy is strong and clever, and it should not be underestimated. So, blue, or Bluefin tuna.  International Game Fish Association (IGFA) classifies it as the strongest trophy fish [...]

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