Learning How to Sail a Yacht. Yachting License in Israel

Every person has his desires and dreams, every person has the right to do what he really wants, and we are eager to help. It is really great when you can make a person happy and satisfied. One day, a young man approached us with rather a strange request, he asked us for a favor [...]

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STCW Course

STCW-Standarts of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.Refresher training in accordance with the standards of the International Agreement on the preparation of naval officers.
The Institute of Maritime Education in Acre conducted training courses for senior captains, officers, drivers, etc.

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Training Captains

You are a child dreamed of being captain? Or just recently realized that you can not live without a steering wheel and unique sense of rocking on the waves? In a particular case, the rate of captains – this is what you need. We will be happy to help you find the most suitable school [...]

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Useful information
  • Fishing in Israel

    Fish in Israel True fisherman is always in search. He is always attracted by exotic seas and countries, new ways of catching fish in Israel and outlandish kinds of fish… Israel has everything necessary for such kind of fans of sea fishing: unique exuberant nature, the Mediterranean Sea, with its great diversity of flora and [...]

  • This funny TSAR FISH …

    Perhaps no other fish can boast of so much attention, and such a great reputation. In ancient Rome, Horace and Cicero wrote about it, the famous impressionist Edouard Manet made its pictures, in Russia it was served at the tzar’s table; fishermen in the East under the threat of death penalty were forbidden to leave [...]

  • Diving in Israel

    The term «diving» means “submerging under water or plunging into water”. But perhaps it is better to say that the unique hobby of diving, is more like a drug addiction. It is an addiction to which it is difficult to find a cure. You will only need one taste! Take a trial dive into the [...]

  • Fishing in Israel – Hunting .. a Tuna!

    Yes, it is real hunting, and not just  ‘fishing.’ As those who stand out to sea to get this mighty azure blue fish, should know that the enemy is strong and clever, and it should not be underestimated. So, blue, or Bluefin tuna.  International Game Fish Association (IGFA) classifies it as the strongest trophy fish [...]

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